General rules - for non-compliance-ban!
* These rules are not subject to discussion and are mandatory for all users without exception.
* (Administrators and Management - as the persons who set these rules - act at their discretion). If you don't like these rules and you want other rules for yourself, you can always create your own website and do whatever you like there.
* The word of the Administration - the law for the users! There are no exceptions to this rule. This tracker is a private BitTorrent tracker / release, and its policy is determined solely by the resource owners.
* The administration reserves the right to disconnect from the forum, deactivate or delete accounts of forum participants created by more than one from the same IP address and all manifestations of their activity that violate the order and Rules, as well as close outdated and other topics, including without prior notice and explanation of the reasons for their actions, according to the terms of the user agreement.
* These rules are not exhaustive and do not describe all possible situations, nuances, provisions, permissions and prohibitions. In all disputed cases, the final word remains with the Administration.
* The administration reserves the right to change the Rules or make temporary exceptions to them at its discretion.